Pharma is based on the incredible true story of Dr. Frances "Frankie" Kelsey and her fight to keep a dangerous drug from being approved for the US market. Risking her career and family along the way, Frankie wages war against big Pharma in 1960, resisting intense pressure and threats from inside the FDA to expose the biggest unmonitored drug trial in US history.

We need YOUR HELP to bring this story to the big screen! So, we're offering some pretty cool perks as a thank you for your investment! Not only will you own part of the movie, but you'll also be part of the experience. You could visit set, be in the movie, and even walk the red carpet.

$100: Access to INVESTOR ONLY live virtual roundtable discussions with the filmmakers to discuss behind the scenes, chat with special guests, and participate in Q&A.

$500: Full Credit Roll Mention. Ever wanted to see your name on the big screen? This perk will get your name listed in the Cinema version credit roll!  

$1,000: BE IN THE MOVIE! You’ll receive a guaranteed spot to join us for a day of filming as an extra in the movie! At this level, you’ll also be entered to win the ultimate prize of a speaking role in the film.*

$5,000: Receive a signed copy of the Pharma film poster and early, exclusive access to the Director’s Cut of the Trailer for the film before it is released to the public.

$10,000: Get a first look at the script! This script has been kept top secret. With this perk, you’ll be granted exclusive access to read the script before it makes its way to the big screen. Additionally, you’ll receive a signed copy of a shooting script upon release of the movie.**

$20,000: Invitation to the World Premiere! You’ll join us on the red carpet as we celebrate the opening of the film. Mingle with celebrities and be the first to watch the story come to life on the big screen!**

$50,000: Own a piece of movie memorabilia! This perk is for our movie buffs who love collector’s items! In addition to receiving your choice of a Limited Edition NFT or autographed movie still from the feature, you’ll be gifted a one of a kind prop following the release of the film.

$100,000: Associate Producer Credit and a day on set! Enjoy a full day on set with your own seat in video village with our team where you’ll watch the script come to life before your eyes. You’ll also receive an associate producer credit that will be included in listings on IMDB and in the cinema version credit roll of the film.*

$250,000: Our top investors earn a prestigious Executive Producer Credit that will be included in listings on IMDB and the cinema version credit roll of the film. In addition to a full day on set, Our Executive Producers will receive 2 VIP passes for the world premiere that includes a private meet and greet with the stars and a trip down the red carpet.*

*Travel and lodging not included.
**A signed NDA will be required prior to receiving a copy of the script.

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