If you are an accredited investor who is interested in stock ownership in the film, please reach out to Hello@pharmathemovie.com for more information about how you can still invest.


What's the ROI?
Our offering involves preferred stock ownership, giving you a stake in the film alongside us. Investors are prioritized to recoup 120% of their principal investment before profit-sharing begins. Following this, investors receive a pro-rata share of 50% of the backend, along with exclusive perks.

Can I invest with an IRA?
YES! Several of our investors have chosen this option. Please contact us for more information: hello@pharmathemovie.com

How does the film make money?
There are a variety of ways for films to generate revenue. The most traditional and significant revenue stream for films is box office earnings. Films also generate revenue through:

  • Home Entertainment: including DVD and Blu-ray sales, digital downloads, and streaming rights.
  • Television and Cable Rights: licensing agreements with television networks and cable channels for broadcast rights.
  • Product Placement and Brand Deals: Some films generate revenue through product placement and brand deals, where companies pay to have their products featured prominently within the film.
  • Ancillary Markets: Airline & hotel screenings, educational distribution, and misc. licensing agreements.
  • International Sales: Including theatrical releases, home entertainment, and television rights in foreign markets.

How are profits distributed?

  1. First, any third-party expenses, fees, residuals, etc. that need to be taken off the top before revenue can be distributed to stakeholders
  2. Next, settling any outstanding debts or deferred payments that the production has incurred. (Frankie's Story LLC is currently debt free!)
  3. Next, to equity investors until they have received 120% of their investment amount.
  4. After investors have received their preferred return, additional revenues may be allocated to producers, talent (such as actors, directors, and writers), and other key personnel.  (A key point here is that the people making the project don’t participate in profits until investors are paid back first.)
  5. Anything left over is considered "Net Profits", and is allocated on a pro rata, pari passu basis, with 50% going to the Investors (including the investors in this offering) and the other 50% going to producers, talent, and those responsible for making the film.

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